How Modern Day CCTV Cameras Deter the Bad Guy

Criminals have become more sophisticated than ever and will often "case" a particular neighbourhood to choose the next victim with the most potential. They'll use intelligence gathered to determine where to strike and when they are most likely to be successful as well. The good news is that technology has kept pace, and as a homeowner, you can now choose some equally sophisticated CCTV protection and be one step ahead of the bad guys. What are some of the best solutions available for property owners in your situation?

Deter First

If you have no protection at all currently, you need to think about both exterior and interior installation. Some exterior CCTV cameras can be an actual deterrent, and you should put at least one of them in a prominent position that can be seen from the street outside. Just remember that you should position that camera to point at your property only from a privacy point of view.

Front Door Defence

You can choose to put a CCTV camera at your front door. Some use smart technology and may use facial recognition, so familiar people will not trigger an alert. Some cameras have a built-in microphone, and you can connect them to your wireless device, so you can always respond to someone at your door, even if you are not actually in the home.

Connecting and Recording

Smart cameras will, of course, need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to function correctly and to provide you with the best level of service. They will also record to a cloud account, should you need to provide evidence in the event of any criminal act.

More Functionality

Other cameras can be adjusted using a remote keypad and move back and forth or zoom in to get a better picture. Make sure that you choose a camera that can record a high-quality picture and may have night vision capability so that you have all the options covered.

Interior installation

Inside the home, you can link your CCTV cameras to a smart hub. You can place them strategically so that they do capture footage should someone breach the perimeter without setting off any alarm.

Wired in Is Best

It's always best to hardwire any CCTV cameras. Certainly, you can move any wireless camera from place to place and will have the added flexibility, but they run on batteries, and you need to plug them in from time to time.

Schedule an Installation

Get in touch with local CCTV installation services and discuss your plans. Once you've decided where to place your cameras, they will be more than happy to install them for you.

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