Situations that Call for an Electrician's Expertise

Electricity is essential to run most household gadgets and to make a home comfortable. Whether you're having electrical issues or want upgrades, you'll need an electrician. Here are several situations that require their expertise. 

Extra Powerpoints 

You may think that if you had extra power outlets in some rooms, life would be so much more convenient. An electrician can help you instal new outlets or convert a single plug outlet to a double plug outlet. They may suggest upgrading the wiring if you need a large number of extra power points. The current wires and powerpoints initially assumed only so much usage, and you may have surpassed that limit.

Likewise, if you currently plug in multiple power boards to satisfy your lifestyle, the electrical system may require modernisation. Overloading it can be dangerous and even cause a house fire. Signs to look out for include dimming lights or the system tripping when you turn on another appliance.


Lighting affects both the functionality and aesthetics of your home. At a basic level, it allows you to see in rooms that don't capture much daylight and at night. But your home's lighting also creates a distinctive mood and ambience. Dimmers, for example, let you generate a relaxing or party atmosphere.

An electrician can fit and wire extra downlights and recessed lighting. If you're renovating your kitchen, recessed lights will give it a sleeker appearance, and you may connect new pendant lights as well. The electrician will wire any lights with a dimmer in a specific way so their brightness can be adjusted. They can also connect wiring for undercabinet lighting strips and ceiling fans. They could also install lights outside your home: a flood light to illuminate the garden and motion sensor lights to increase safety.

New Appliances

If you're changing the layout of a room in your home, the wiring will need to conform to the new floor plan. The electrician can run wiring (possibly under the flooring) to a new kitchen island that's equipped with a stovetop or charging station. And they can adapt the wiring in a refurbished laundry.

The current circuitry may have the capacity to run new appliances, or the electrician may need to boost its capabilities. They may improve overall safety by installing an RCD (residual current device) on the switchboard. This life-saving component can react quickly to cut the electricity supply if it senses that any live current has escaped and someone is in danger of electrocution.

Contact a local electrician to learn more. 

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