Signs Your House Has a Major Electrical Problem

Outdated, damaged, or probably poorly installed electrical system is not something to take lightly. But, spotting and fixing an electrical problem in your house isn't easy without the help of an electrician. Here are several subtle indicators that your home might be experiencing a serious electrical issue.

Outlets Issues

Electrical machines produce heat when in use. However, the outlet can never get too hot. If you notice heat coming from an outlet, stop using the outlet, unplug all cords, and call in an electrical technician for help. 

Flickering Lights

Films would have us assume the flickering house lights indicate the presence of ghostly tourists. However, it is far more common that an electrical link is loose. If the blinking is based on a single light bulb, the repair is very easy. If the problem affects several lights or spaces, the issue is almost certainly further back in the loop. If the flickering occurs in the building, the issue could be with the circuit breaker or the service drop within your home. Whichever the case your electric system falls in, call a professional electrician for help. 

Outdated Aluminium Wiring 

Builders began installing electrical services utilising a single-strand aluminium cable due to the high cost of copper. Aluminium wire is a viable substitute for copper and a safe option to hold prices down. Only the test uncovered one major problem. 

Aluminium oxidises at a far faster rate than copper, generating heat and posing a fire danger. This was not a problem in tightly monitored laboratory settings. However, in the real world, aluminium wiring poses a great threat that can easily cause a fire. If you think your house has aluminium wiring, call in an electrician to discuss the options that you have at your disposal

The Smell of Something Burning 

Perhaps it's unsurprising that the smell of anything burning could serve as an urgent alert! If the wire of your electrical grid heats up to the point the plastic sheathing melts, you are in imminent danger of fire and must respond immediately. Call in a professional for help. 

Flexible Gas Lines That Are Not Correctly Grounded

Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is a common choice for gas distribution. But, it must be grounded correctly to prevent catastrophic blowouts. Most often caused by a lightning bolt on or near your house, an electrical pulse will burst the corrugated tubing, possibly resulting in a gas leak or explosion. 

If you are experiencing electrical issues in your house, call an electrician for help. Safety in the home is important. So, contact an expert, such as your neighbourhood electrician, to assist you in diagnosing electrical issues in your home. 

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