Is Your Security System NBN Ready?

As the National Broadband Network continues its roll-out around Australia, you may be wondering how it will impact your security system. Here's all you need to know to keep you up to speed and set your mind at rest.

Know What Has Changed

The existing internet infrastructure will be upgraded and access to landline telephones will no longer be continued. The new technology will involve digital communication by means of fibre optic or copper cables.

Not all systems are compatible with the NBN so it is important to contact your security system installation provider as soon as you discover that the NBN is scheduled for your area.

Some alarm systems are designed to operate using the old copper wire system for standard landline phones. A sensor triggers the alarm and dials the security monitoring centre by means of the phone line. This may mean that your alarm system is no longer able to communicate with the monitoring centre's new technology.

Understand the Risk of Power Outages

While the majority of existing security systems will run well over the new broadband network, it is important to know that they are vulnerable in the event of a mains power failure.

This is because the new broadband network needs a power supply both within the home or business and at the exchange. Whereas the older system only needed power at one end, i.e. at the exchange, in order to function.

Because of this difference, it is vital to have a back-up in place to ensure that your system can remain on the alert.  A separate battery backup will keep your system running in the event of a power outage.

The high speed capabilities of the new broadband system opens up the possibility for a wide range of new internet-connected security features.

What to Look Forward To - Reasons to Embrace the New NBN System

High speed broadband over the NBN can make a whole range of new security capabilities possible. Innovative features that allow you to:

  • receive messages and images on your smart phone
  • check on your home or business while on the move
  • view live video feed from your security camera

Your security installation service provider will be well informed about the changes and be in the best position to advise you of the ideal set up for your situation. They will know the type of technology that will be installed in your area, whether fiber optic of copper cable, and the appropriate type of alarm systems available to you.

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