Important Things to Note About Power Installation?

Electricity makes it possible and easy to conduct day to day activities in residential or commercial premises; this creates the demand for electricity. Here's what you need to know when looking for an electrical contractor for your power installation needs:

Are You in a Rural or Urban Locality?

If you are in a rural area, the electrical contractor might need to install overhead or underground power lines and electric poles. Such activities may require seeking permits and consulting government or authority offices.

Ensure you seek a power installation company that states it specialises in the installation of power lines. The company should also have completed such installations before. This is crucial in guaranteeing that there won't be any delays or poor quality work.

Are You in a Residential or Commercial/Industrial Setting?

If you are in a commercial setting, you need power installation services from a commercial electrical contractor, while if you are in a residential setting, a commercial or residential electrical contractor who specialises in your electrical needs can help you.

Commercial or industrial electrical needs differ from residential electrical needs. How? Commercial premises utilise pieces of equipment that require higher voltages and amperes to operate. This means that commercial premises need more power, which needs to be safely handled by qualified, skilled and qualified electrical contractors. This is different from residential electric needs, which require lower amperes and voltages.

Hiring a residential electrical contractor for commercial electrical work risks explosions, fires or electrocution; a residential electrical contractor is neither skilled nor experienced in handling high voltages, especially when it comes to power installation. Residential electrical contractors might also not be granted the permits required to install overhead or underground power lines on commercial premises.

If you have residential electric needs, you can either hire a residential or commercial electrical contractor. However, note that the commercial electrical contractor might charge extra if he or she is more skilled.

Is Power Installation Expensive?

This depends on the following two factors:

  • Whether you are in a commercial or residential setting, power installations in commercial settings are usually more expensive than residential settings, mostly because they require more power and more safety measures. You might also be required to pay for various permits.
  • The more electrical work or fixtures are needed, the higher the fee. Let your electrical contractor carry out an assessment to determine how much work is required. 

Talk to an electrician in your area to learn more.

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