Two Situations in Which an Electrician May Need to Alter or Repair the Electrical System in Your Commercial Office

If you are in one of the situations described below, it might be necessary to have one of the commercial electricians in your town or city alter or repair the electrical system in your office.

Your employees don't have access to enough sockets for their work devices

People who work in commercial offices nowadays are usually reliant on their laptops, tablets and smartphones to carry out their work. All of these devices need to be charged regularly. Additionally, most offices feature several other types of equipment that need to be kept plugged in for most or all of the workday, including photocopiers, PCs and printers.

If your office was built a few decades ago, it may not have quite as many plug sockets as your employees require for all of the aforementioned items (as office-based businesses did not use half as many electrical devices back then as they do now).

This could lead to two issues. Firstly, your employees may end up with dead batteries on their tablets, smartphones and laptops because all of the plug sockets in the office are occupied, and, as a result of this, they have no sockets that they can use to charge their devices. This may affect their ability to do their assigned work, if that work needs to be done using these devices.

Secondly, your employees may end up plugging power strips into the existing plug sockets to address this issue. This could not only increase the risk of a fire occurring in your office (as overloaded sockets can heat up to dangerous levels), but it could also increase the chances of employees tripping over cords and hurting themselves(as their feet may get caught on the cables of the power strips).

As such, if you want to ensure that your employees have the fully charged devices they need to get their work done and if you also want to reduce their risk of injury, you should have an electrician fit extra plug sockets around your office.

Your employees have informed you that they have suffered shocks when touching light switches

If several of your employees have told you that they have received mild electrical shocks when touching the light switches around your office, you should get the electrical system on your premises checked out by an electrician.

Whilst this type of shock can sometimes be caused by a harmless buildup of static electricity, it can also be the result of a much more serious fault somewhere within a building's electrical system. It may, for example, be the result of the existing wiring having been installed incorrectly, or it might be caused by the wiring within the system having developed age-related damage.

If this issue is anything other than static electricity, you will need to get the issue fixed by an electrician promptly. If you don't, there is a chance that the problem may get worse, and one of your employees could get a much larger shock that could cause permanent physical damage or endanger their life.

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