How the Internet of Things Is Helping to Consolidate Routine Maintenance

If you're in charge of up-time in a busy industrial environment, you may be very happy with recent advances in technology that allow you to do your job more efficiently. The business may have invested in some of the latest electronic and digital tools and understands just how important the "Internet of things" is going to be as time goes by.

Have you kept up with the very latest in innovation, however? You may soon be able to change from a state of reaction to an uninterrupted phase of productivity, when you introduce your maintenance team to these state-of-the-art methods.

Everything Is Connected

To keep things running reliably at your operation, each item of equipment has to be carefully monitored and must be maintained at set intervals. This will enable you to have a fully preventive programme that can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected downtime. Technicians and programmers are on your side with this goal and have made considerable advances in connectivity, data storage and instantaneous sharing.

Automatic Triggers

You may be able to connect all your equipment to tailor-made mobile apps that will trigger reminders automatically, whenever maintenance is needed. These reminders will send a very precise location to help engineers get to the work site without any issue or delay. As soon as they get there, the maintenance task list will be provided electronically.

These smart devices are also able to consolidate work when necessary and cut down on unnecessary visits. The app will trigger an alert for a piece of equipment that may be nearby and almost due for maintenance.

Intelligent Breakers

You should think about installing intelligent circuit breakers to protect each critical item of equipment in your facility. When you do so, they will be able to gather and store a vast amount of intelligence which can be delivered to a technician's smart phone using Bluetooth connectivity. All information about the machine will then be displayed on the phone, including current readings and any anomalies that could indicate a potential issue.

Barcode Readings

Each breaker will be identified by bar code information, which can be scanned by a smart phone app. This will provide even more extensive information as well as a full maintenance history, and there will be a trail of information linked to previous issues, if appropriate.

Engage Contractors

When you bring in contract technicians to do all your servicing, make sure they are party to all this technology. They will be able to generate an inspection report and subsequent invoice based on this level of shared data.

It pays to keep your finger well and truly on the pulse of technology. Contact industrial electrical maintenance services to learn more.

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