4 Unique Uses Of Solar Energy At Your Home

Are you worried about the high electricity bills at your house? If you have noticed an increase in your electricity bills you can adopt the use of solar energy at your home. This will provide an alternative source of power which reduces your bills. Below are some uses of solar energy at your home.

Garden lights

Do you have lights in your garden or front lawns? All homes that have lawns will put on lights in the evening. This serves two functions. It prevents people from stepping on your flowers and also enhances the beauty of your home. However, since the lights are kept on for the entire night, it significantly increases your power bills. You can avoid this by installing solar powered garden lights. These will have batteries that are charged during the day and the lights automatically come on in the evening.  

Motion detectors

One way to enhance your security is to have motion detectors around your compound. These detectors are powered using electricity and in case of a power outage, your home becomes a potential target for intruders. You can avoid putting yourself at risk by installing solar powered motion detectors. Make sure the solar panels are placed in an area that cannot be easily accessed, such as on top of your roof. This will ensure that your solar energy systems is always in good working condition and can power your motion detectors without any problem.

Lighting up the gazebo

During the weekends, a gazebo provides a perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends. Most of these casual meetings can extend into the night, which shows the importance of having a lighting system. Instead of getting power from the main house, you can use solar energy to light up the gazebo. A solar unit that can serve a basic gazebo is affordable and can be installed in a few hours.

Pumping water

Solar energy can also be used to pump water in your house. An example is when you have gutters to collect rain water. The water is then directed to an underground tank and pumped to the tanks on the roof. Using electricity for this purpose can be costly. The cheaper alternative is using solar energy to pump the water.

It is important to understand that your energy needs will determine the best type of solar system for your home. Consult with professionals who will assess your needs and then determine the best solar system to be adopted in your home.

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