It's Electrifying! What To Do When Your Home Is Struck By Lightning

Summer storms are well and truly alive in Queensland, and the lightning show in the skies is rather spectacular. However, new residents to Queensland are often not used to this lightning display, and many would have no idea what to do if lightning strikes their home. A direct lightning strike to a building can do plenty of damage, so it is time to educate yourself on the best steps to take if you suspect your residence took a direct hit during a storm.

How do you know if lightning hit the house?

If you are inside of a house when lightning hits it, you won't have too much doubt about whether a lightning strike occurred. The most obvious sign is the amount of noise that accompanies a lightning strike. You will hear a loud boom, and it is possible your house will shake violently at the same time as the noise. Depending on how the lightning travelled through the house, you may also see scorching around electrical outlets in your home.

You must take immediate action after your surprise subsides.

What do you do after a lightning strike?

When lightning strikes your house, it is looking for a path to travel back to the ground. It uses whatever method it can to get from your roof to the earth below your house. Sometimes, this means the power of the lightning travels through the wiring of your home.

As this big surge of power travels through your electrical circuits, it damages everything plugged into its path because your devices are not designed to cope with all that power at once. Unfortunately, this surge can also ignite small fires either within your walls or at the electrical outlets in your rooms. Therefore, the first thing to do after a lightning strike is to ring the fire department and let them know. While waiting for them to arrive, check each room of the house and extinguish any manageable fires if you find them.

The fire department will check whether the home is safe to remain in. After they leave, then you can deal with the aftermath.

What do you do after the fire department leaves?

After the firemen have gone, and the ringing stops in your ears, then you can inspect the house for damage. Let your insurance company know as soon as possible that the home has experienced a lightning strike. An electrical contractor is needed to make repairs to damaged wiring and circuit breakers.

Lightnight is beautiful but damaging, but now you know what to do if you are unlucky enough to have your home experience a direct lightning hit.

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