4 Things You Must Do Before Building a Home

Building a home can be a daunting task, however, exciting the venture. You need to have your fingers on the pulse of many issues that you will juggle throughout the process to succeed. Here are a few things you must think through in preparation for constructing your home.

1.    Consider Resale the Value

When planning to build your house the last thing you might think of is selling it. But constructing it is a significant investment, and as life is unpredictable, it is wise to plan for the unexpected. Look through every design with both a home owner's eye and as well as a seller's. Are you looking to add custom features that, while they may serve you well, might make the home overpriced for the market should a need to sell ever arise? Are there features you can add now that will serve you while adding value to the property? Plan to build a house that you can sell should the need ever arise, however improbable.

2.    Evaluate the Land

Where you build is as essential as what you build. Select land to build on that is near the amenities you require like schools for example. Is the ground sloppy? That will cost you extra, after purchase, for excavations, retaining walls, etc. If the land is near a bushfire zone, you will have to spend more to build a house up to code for that area.

3.    Seek the Right Professionals

You will need to hire professionals for the more specialised work on your home like electrical contractors for the electrical installation. Get recommendations from trusted sources or previous clients. Confirm their credentials and liability certificates before signing a contract.

4.    Consider Sustainability

When you plan to build a house, you will occupy over the years, think of efficient ways to save on costs as time goes by. Position rooms in the direction that will get the most sunlight. Design small windows for the garage, bathroom and laundry to avoid excessive heat loss to save on energy bills. Hire a builder with training in sustainable construction from the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA) to put up a sustainable home.


Bringing the vision of your dream home to life is thrilling but calls for your active engagement in every step of the process. Think through the many considerations you need to pay attention to and decide on them in advance to smoothen the construction process.

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