How to save energy with your outdoor floodlights

Floodlights are one of the best ways to illuminate your compound in the night. They are popular because they have the ability to turn the driveway, backyard and other parts of the home to look like daytime even in the night. If you have great landscaping which you do not mind showcasing in the night, floodlights are an awesome investment. However, floodlights can be energy consuming, especially if you have a tendency to hold outdoor parties in the night. The following are tips which can help you save energy with the floodlights.

Check for automatic daylight shutoff

The tricky thing about outdoor lights is that when morning comes and the daylight sets in, people forget to switch them off. This is perhaps because their light gets diffused in the daylight, making it easy to ignore. It is, therefore, not uncommon to find lights on many hours after daylight. When investing in floodlights, get those with light sensors and timers. The light sensors will turn off the lights automatically at dawn, and the timers can be set to turn on the lights only when it is dark outside as this will save energy.

Invest in lights with motion sensors

Some people like floodlights as a constant source of light to the compound in the night. Others like installing them purely as a security feature. The advantage with motion sensor lights is that they are off most of the times, and do not add much to your electric bill. They are only turned on when the sensor detects some movement near the light. They can be installed in places like the driveway, near the door and other sensitive parts of the compound.

Get LED lights

Another amazing way to save energy on outdoor lights is getting LED outdoor lights. LED bulbs are great when you need durable lights with minimal energy consumption. Another advantage that they have is their ability to withstand cold climates, which will come in handy when the winter sets in. LED bulbs can be exposed to snow and rain without fear of corrosion.

Other measures which can help you reduce your energy bill while keeping your outdoors well-lit include investing in solar lighting and investing in lights which have dimming abilities. It is best to consult competent electricians for reliable advice on the best floodlights to invest in depending on your locality and your energy consumption needs. Remember that when the right fixtures are installed, you will not need endless maintenance and repairs.

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