Car Batteries - A Couple of Signs of Imminent Replacement

Considering that car batteries are designed to last for several years, motorists typically do not give their state of condition much thought. Nevertheless, this approach means that you are at potential risk of becoming stranded at an inopportune time when your car battery decides to stop working out of the blue!

In reality, your car battery will typically show signs of impending malfunction and discerning the signs of these symptoms can save you a lot of expenses and inconvenience. One of the first things that you should be wary of would be the age of the battery. Therefore, if you have not replaced it in a couple of years, it would be ideal to start consciously preparing to replace it. Other than the age, the following are some of the other telltale signs that your car battery is heading toward imminent replacement.

The car battery is showing signs of bulging

When the structural integrity of your battery begins to appear altered, it would be a sure-fire sign that it is going to need replacement shortly. Some people assume that the only reason their car battery would swell is when it is exposed to high temperatures Thus, they may not check on the condition of the battery during the winter months.

The truth of the matter is the battery will react to extreme hot or cold, so it is likely to start to swell during both the summer and the winter when the temperature fluctuations are drastic. Although a bulging battery does not necessarily indicate that it is dead, it does imply that it could require replacement in a short time.

The car battery is emitting a rotten egg odour

Another indicator of a potential problem with your car battery is when you start to catch whiffs of rotten eggs whenever you are driving. A mistake that you should not make is assuming that this odour will dissipate on its own. Instead, you should have your battery looked at by a mechanic immediately as the smell of rotten eggs typically signals that battery acid is leaking. When the battery acid is left to seep out unencumbered, it will steadily start to corrode your vehicle's engine.

As a result, you would find you would have to pay for more than just a battery replacement, and this can be extremely expensive. Having a new battery installed in your vehicle would not only be good for the performance of your car, but it will also ensure that no additional vehicle components have to be damaged too.

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